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Resistant Materials and Construction

Curriculum Intent

Our intent is to enable all of our learners to access the content and make progress through the curriculum. In Resistant Materials and Construction, we strive to deliver the subject in ways that each individual student’s needs, providing a stimulating environment within which pupils feel comfortable and secure. Our curriculum is created to develop student’s ability to think independently and develop their communication skills, through verbal, written, graphical design and practical work. Students record their own learning journeys through the completion of a design portfolio linked to the practical element of each project. We actively promote British values and CMSC we encourage and teach learners about democracy, the rule of law, individual liberty and mutual respect and tolerance of different faiths and beliefs within our school and wider community. Learner’s progress is regularly assessed, and their progress monitored closely and when necessary appropriate intervention strategies are put in place to address any issues.

Curriculum Implementation

Each unit of work is delivered as a project, beginning with a design brief; pupils are encouraged to produce a selection of design ideas leading through to a final design and a presentation drawing. Students are given the role of designing for a client and have to produce a suitable design against a set of specific criteria. Cross-curricular links and connections to the outside world form an important element of our subject. We discuss the impact industrial activity can have on the world’s population economically and environmentally. Students are introduced to a range of different materials, and practical skills for each project, and when completed they evaluate their finished project against their original design brief. 

Curriculum Impact

To ensure that students have gained experience and understanding of using the design process in order to successfully design, produce and evaluate the product they have produced. Our intention is to encourage students to take ownership of their learning journey and develop awareness of transferable skills between Resistant Materials and other subjects during both the design, making and evaluation process. The use of scaffolding, solo taxonomy and recording pupils progress through the use of Educator enable us to monitor progress and ensure that interventions are targeted and effective. 

Equal Opportunities and Inclusion

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