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Curriculum Intent

RE at Manor Academy takes account of the Trafford Agreed Syllabus.  The RE curriculum provides pupils with opportunities to develop an understanding of and respect for a variety of religious and non-religious beliefs.  RE enables pupils to develop their ideas, values and identities.  Pupils also develop skills to make considered judgements about religion and non-religious beliefs in British society today.  Our aim is that all pupils access the RE curriculum and make progress.  Pupils will have the opportunity to develop further individual literacy and numeracy skills and support their learning in other subject areas such as personal development, humanities and ICT.  The fundamental British values of democracy, rule of law, individual liberty, mutual respect and tolerance for those with different faiths and beliefs are an extremely important part of the RE curriculum at Manor Academy.

Curriculum Implementation

All pupils have access to an RE curriculum which is broad, balanced, relevant and differentiated.  Activities, discussions, debates and games enable pupils to develop their knowledge and understanding of RE through a wide range of challenging learning experiences.  All pupils  develop a better understanding of and respect for their own and other people’s religious views and non-religious beliefs in today’s multi-faith society.  The use of solo taxonomy, scaffolding, classroom monitor and work scrutiny enable us to monitor pupil progress.

Curriculum Impact

Pupils work independently and as part of a team to enhance skills, knowledge, success, confidence and respect for life in modern day Britain.  Studying RE will enhance pupils’ self-esteem through opportunities for new achievements.

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