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  • The Equals Pathway is tailored to the needs of students whose main barrier to learning is an aspect of Moderate to Severe Learning Difficulties (MLD/SLD) with additionality of other needs. 

  • Students within this pathway may have an additional barrier to learning, this could be Speech, Language and Communication, Autistic Spectrum Continuum (ASC), Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and/or present challenging behaviours due to their learning barrier. 


  • To embed and promote positive student well-being, confidence, independence, happiness, enjoyment and functional communication skills throughout the curriculum. 

  • Equals students will access a broad & balanced curriculum, specific to the student focusing on EHCP targets alongside following the Equals Curriculum with sensory and practical life experiences.  


  • Equals students within this pathway access two key teachers and teaching assistants for a higher percentage of lessons across their timetable. 

  • Students will build up to working with other students outside of the Equals environment, as appropriate to individuals. 

  • Students at KS3 will access the curriculum based on a primary model with a thematic approach, having one theme per half term in which English, Mathematics and Equals lessons (Science, Art, Religious Education and Humanities) are delivered through.  

  • Students will have lessons to support their independence skills following a similar approach to the school’s life and living curriculum.  

  • Some students have aspects of their curriculum delivered away from their form classroom setting involving access to some subject specialist teachers based in specialist rooms, where appropriate. 

  • If appropriate for individuals at KS4 students may have an opportunity to access a broader range of subjects and undertake ‘options’ in the main part of the school curriculum.  

  • KS3 and KS4 groups across the school allow students an opportunity to access a range of qualification similar to their peer group.  

  • We offer nurturing, mixed ability and vertical forms (7/8/9 and 10/11) for students on the Equals pathway, which spend time reinforcing the pupils EHCP targets throughout the curriculum.  

  • Where appropriate, students can dip in and out of other lessons through the school including accessing lessons with their year group in the ASC and main body of the school. This is on a personalised individual basis.  

  • Links are made to other subjects and Gatsby standards identified within the curriculum map.

  • To monitor progress, we use a variety of methods, such as, observation tracker, Solo Taxonomy, Scaffolding and teacher assessments. 

  • Pupils are assessed using criteria from the Equals Curriculum Criteria


  • Positive student well-being, confidence, happiness, enjoyment, independence, functional communication skills. 

  • All Equals KS4 students work towards Entry Level 1-3 qualifications in PE, Mathematics, English and a life and living qualification. Entry levels give learners the basics in maths and English useful in everyday life. 

  • Some KS4 Equals students have the opportunity to work towards a range of BTECs, Entry Level 1-3 qualifications, Duke of Edinburgh Bronze/Silver in addition to the qualifications that all KS4 Equals students work towards.  


Page last updated March 2024

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