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Performing Arts

Curriculum Intent


The primary intent of the Performing Arts department is to improve pupils’ confidence. Through the study of music, dance and drama pupils are encouraged to challenge themselves outside their comfort zones and take on tasks which they wouldn’t usually do, in a safe environment. Secondary intents include developing skills in team building, social skills, theatre etiquette and respect. Pupils are encouraged to express themselves and to develop their creative imagination.

Curriculum Implementation


 All pupils in Key Stage 3 will take part in music, dance and drama activities on a rotational basis. At the end of each year all pupils will perform at a professional theatre in a whole school production. In the past 1:1 instrumental lessons have been offered, however there is currently a waiting list due to not having enough interest. Pupils have the chance to join the school choir and sing in public venues around Trafford. Pupils also have the chance to study Performing Arts after leaving school, both at Manor College and various external colleges.

Curriculum Impact


There has been a noticeable improvement in pupils’ confidence levels since the department started operating fully after lockdown. The skills that pupils learn in Performing Arts can be transferred to other subjects and their wider life and help them become well-rounded, confident individuals.

Extra Curricular Activities


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