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Succeeding Together


Life and Living Skills

Curriculum Intent

The intent of the KS3 Life and Living course and KS4 Independence course is to allow learners to begin to understand the skills needed to become independent young people going on to lead fulfilling lives. Independence will broaden pupils experience; develop their employability skills and personal effectiveness, preparing them for the world outside of the school environment.  

Curriculum Implementation


There are two Independent Living courses running across school at KS4. Most students complete the OCR Life and Living units Entry Level 1-3, however some students complete the ASDAN transition challenge and both sessions are delivered through a two sessions a week. At KS3 students in the ASC provision access this lesson to support them with their school life and skills builder criteria as of those students in the main body who do work skills. Learners will have to complete practical assignments as well as compiling a written portfolio of evidence at KS4. Throughout KS3 and KS4 students will be taken to various different places within the community to gain valid life experiences in which they can relate too and use as skills for life.  

Learners will begin to manage their own learning, they will plan and take part in various community events throughout their time in this subject particularly at KS4. 

Independent Living encourages learners to work both independently and as a group, supporting each other to complete more complex tasks. 

Curriculum Impact


 The challenges undertaken allow the pupils to develop confidence and build skills used throughout the world of work and to become independent individuals.  

These include home management, community and environment, world of work and personal skills  

At KS3 Skills Builder criteria is also being worked towards.  

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