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Curriculum Intent


In Mathematics our intent is to enable all of our students to access the content and make progress through the curriculum. The Mathematics Department aspires to deliver a varied and stimulating curriculum that enables our learners to engage in all areas of Mathematics. Our curriculum is developed into 3 main pathways that give our learners the opportunity to make progress and consolidate knowledge that links to independence and life skills, with the opportunity to transfer between them as required. Learners are regularly assessed both formally and informally to ensure their needs are being met and they are developing their skill base and transferable knowledge.

Curriculum Implementation


We promote Mathematics for independence, confidence and life skills, as well as academic lessons and activities. We provide an array of opportunities for our learners to access mathematics on a practical level as well as written and formal methods. We ensure our curriculum includes exposure to different strategies to problem solve and find solutions to real life experiences for example, understanding and using money effectively, telling the time,  measuring and estimating. The use of formal Rising Stars Assessments enables us to ensure that our learners are on the correct pathway and making optimum progress. Work is differentiated accordingly following the pathway but also within individual lessons to meet learner needs. To monitor progress we use a variety of methods, such as, Classroom Monitor, Solo Taxonomy, Scaffolding and mental maths assessments

Curriculum Impact


Mathematics is linked closely with all aspects of independence and promotes problem solving, cognitive skills, cross-curricular links and develops confidence. Learners social skills are greatly enhanced by the opportunities to share, take turns, collaborate and improve communication skills. Mathematics gives learners the skills to apply their knowledge and understanding to support them in life outside of the school environment.  

Extra Curricular Activities


Equal Opportunities and Inclusion

Social Moral Spiritual and Cultural

Careers Education Information and Guidance



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